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Food Items You Can Store in Your Mini Fridge in 2019




Unlike a conventional refrigerator, there’s not much space available in a mini-refrigerator. Therefore, you cannot stuff all the food items into it. The title might seem a little vague to people who knows about mini-refrigerators and have been using them for years. However, there are people who are new to it and don’t know about the items they can store in the small ones.

Well, everyone has a different purpose for buying a mini-refrigerator. A couple who buys one for their room would want to store food items for mid-night cravings, breast milk for baby, ice cubes, or their favorite booze or drinks for the night. However, people who buy for office purpose might want to store juice, water, water, breast milk for mothers with kids (if offices allow them.)

Mini Fridge Food Items for Everyone

Before we begin going into the specifics, I’d like to mention about the common items which everyone must have in their mini-refrigerators (no matter what purpose they brought the fridge for unless it was bought for a mini-bar.) They are:

  1. Water
    During a hot summer, nothing is as satisfying as chilled water, although chilled beer or juices can really be helpful and satisfy even more. However, one can’t reduce the thirst by drinking them all the time. Besides, Water is essential and can be helpful for anyone.

  2. Fruits
    Fruits are healthy snack items which can fill your stomach and keep you healthy. There are 100s of benefits of different fruits. You can buy the fruit which you like the most, preserve it in your mini-fridge and consume them whenever you feel like eating.

  3. Beverages (Juice, Milk)
    Fruit juices not only are tasteful but are also healthy. They can refresh the mood of people and make them more active which increases productivity too. When it comes to office use, milk isn’t something many of us consume during those hours. However, for people who are buying a mini-refrigerator for the bedroom can store milk for their babies, toddlers. For students from dorms, milk can be a good source of energy, so if you want that extra source of energy then stores milk in it. Besides, you can also make wonderful milkshakes when a friend visits.

  4. Vegetables (Office mini-fridge owners can avoid)
    Veggies are rich in vitamins, fiber, and can really be a healthy snack. However, not many of us prefer storing them in their mini-fridges. For instance, someone who is at home always stores them in their conventional fridges, people at the office don’t consume raw veggies. However, chopping them and serving them as a salad can actually be really helpful. Similarly, for students who live in the dorm can consider making salads from raw vegetables and consume them during their meals.

  5. Cheese
    This is something which a lot of couples crave for during the night. A few of the wine enthusiasts actually love to have wine with cheese. So having cheese during midnight can really be helpful. In the office and dorms, instead of storing raw cheese, you can store string cheese which is a go-to snack when you are hungry which not only tastes good but also consumes fewer calories.
  6. Chocolate
    Be it a mini-fridge for bedroom, office, dorm or trucks. Chocolate is a must-have. It’s liked by a majority of them unless they are diabetic. There’s no reason other than the taste-buds for storing them.

These are the 5 items which are a must-have and are suitable in any mini-refrigerator, be it at dorm, office, bedroom, truck, camp or wherever! Now, let’s begin with user-specific lists. However, it’ll just be a list of items you can store which are suitable. But I won’t be adding extra explanations for all.

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Foods for Dorm Rooms in Mini-Fridge

  1. Water
  2. Beverages (Hidden Booze, Juice)
  3. Dairy (Milk, Soy Milk)
  4. Pizza-Leftovers (The chilled slice tastes incredible the next day)
  5. Food-leftovers
  6. Vegetables
  7. Cheese
  8. Fruits
  9. Nuts (Cashew, Almonds)
  10. Yogurt
  11. Ice Cream (If you like it)
  12. Chocolate

Foods for Mini Fridge in Office

  1. Water
  2. Juice
  3. Fruits
  4. Salads or Salsa
  5. String Cheese
  6. Chocolate
  7. Booze for office parties or to celebrate

Foods for Mini-Fridge in Bed Rooms

  1. Water
  2. Milk
  3. Fruits
  4. Cheese Cubes or String Cheese
  5. Chocolates
  6. Juice
  7. Beer/Wine of your choice
  8. Pizza Leftovers
  9. Food-leftovers
  10. Yogurt
  11. Nuts
  12. Dessert (Ice-cream, Cake Crumbles)
  13. Noodles (Chilled ones taste really good)
  14. BLT Sandwich

I might have surely missed a lot of items, but I’m sure these are among my favorite picks which I used to store in my mini-refrigerator during college, office and even at home bedroom. My wife and I love to actually have wine and cheese on Saturdays and we do eat the pizza leftovers during midnight sometimes, it really is bliss!


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