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2 Door Mini Refrigerator Vs 1 Door Mini Refrigerator: The Difference




When the mini-refrigerators first came, there was only one type which was a single door. However, with an increase in the usage and them being popular among people led to the launch of models with different specs, size, features, and cooling technology. A lot of people, especially the ones who are buying it for the first time are confused about choosing double-door vs single door mini-refrigerator. That’s why I decided to compare both types to help in making a better buying decision.

There’s a common misunderstanding among people that they’ve learned by looking at the traditional refrigerators that single door mini-fridges don’t come with a freezer. However, that’s not true, there are a lot of single door mini-refrigerator models that come with in-built freezers. So if you were not considering a 1-door compact fridge because of it, then you shall start considering.

What’s the purpose?

Well, you need to first ask yourself about the purpose of a mini-refrigerator. If you’re a single person who just needs one to store your soda-cans or beer bottles then a single-door mini fridge can do the job well. However, if you are multiple people who need more storage, going for the “large-sized mini-refrigerator” would make more sense. If you are a couple who end up craving for chilled pizza while watching your favorite TV show, then a 1-door refrigerator with a slightly larger capacity can solve your problem. However, if you are parents who have toddlers, small-children sleeping with you or around you, then you shall consider going for a double-door refrigerator.

So before buying one, wait for a second and think about “the purpose.” Once you are clear about it, ask that would a small-sized mini-fridge be enough or would you need a larger one? You don’t have to think much, whatever comes first in your mind is going to be the best choice. If you need clearance, you shall continue reading the article.

1. Size of the Mini-Fridge

Single Door vs 2 Door Mini Refrigerator
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There are different types of mini-refrigerators in the market. The single-door mini-fridges are generally smaller in size when compared to two-door models. There are a few single-door models which are equal to or even larger than 2 door mini-fridges. However, the majority of them are smaller in size. It also means that there’ll be a limited storage capacity in a 1-door mini-refrigerator than the 2-door mini-fridges.

You need to think of the things you’ll be storing in it and in what quantity, the number of people who will access it. If you are going to store too many things, and there are more than 2 people who’ll be using it, then there’s no way in which it’ll be sufficient. That’s when you’ll have to choose between 2-door mini-refrigerator or reduce the number of items you’ll be storing.

I’d like to conclude this reason by saying If it is for limited people who won’t store much into their fridge then going for a single-door mini-refrigerator would make sense if not going for a double-door mini refrigerator would be a better thing to do!

2. Space You Have

Well, double-door mini-refrigerators come with more storage capacity than most of the single-door models. But with the increased storage capacity, the size of the mini-refrigerator will also increase which also means that you’ll need more space to store it. Although they won’t consume space like the normal-sized refrigerator it’ll still be more than the single-door mini-fridge. There are a few models single-door mini-fridge models which have a size similar to double-door models.

Make sure that you check the dimensions of the compact fridge you’re planning to buy and make sure that you’ll have enough space after placing it in your room. Most of the times, the difference between the single-size mini-fridge and 2-door mini-fridge is just the height. So unless you are going to place it at a place which might possibly not have enough room for the height, you don’t have to worry much about the space.

3. Freezing

At the beginning of this article, I just said that these days even single-door mini-refrigerators come with a built-in freezer. Yes, they do come. But what I didn’t say is that the freezers in the 1-door models generally come with very limited space. So if you are someone who’s alone or share the refrigerator with not more than 2 people then a single-door model could work out. However, if the numbers of users or the storing items increase then there could be chances that the single-door model won’t be able to handle it.

Also, In my experience at a repair store, a majority of the people who walked in with a single-door mini-refrigerator had a common issue of the fridge freezing even food items.

So if you need to store ice cubes or even want the refrigerator to make ice, then I suggest you go with a mini-refrigerator with two doors. However, if you don’t have much to store and are okay with a small freezer compartment then you shall go for a model with one door.

4. Energy Consumption

When it comes to energy consumption, the single-door mini-refrigerators consume less energy in comparison to the mini-refrigerators with 2 doors. But the difference can be huge when you compare a single door mini refrigerator with no in-built freezer with a double-door mini-refrigerator. However, there’s still a good difference when you compare 1-door mini-refrigerators with 2-door mini-refrigerators because bigger the size, higher is the energy consumption.

With increased energy consumption, there also is an increase in the storage capacity which means you’ll be able to store more items. So if you are a student who’s looking forward to buying a mini-fridge for dorm which has a freezer, then make sure that you go with a single-door model as the double-door model could consume more electricity and might not be allowed in some dormitories. However, there are a few 2-door mini-refrigerators which are highly energy-efficient and consume less energy, so make sure that you compare the energy consumption with the one allowed in your dorm.

The Verdict

To be honest, I’ve shared the major areas of differences. However, it’s you who know what you’ll be storing in the fridge and the purpose of it. Knowing the purpose will really be helpful. So, just keep everything apart for a minute and think about the purpose and you’ll know which one to go for!


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