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Best Brands That Makes The Best Quality Mini Fridges




In my life I’ve repaired more than 1200 mini-fridges and out of those, 85% were from some random Chinese brands or average-quality brands and 15% were from known brands. Which means out of every 100 mini-fridges I repaired, 85 were from random brands and only 15 were from known brands.

In one study I did, it was found that 15% of the total mini-refrigerators are repaired at least once in a year. So out of 100 mini-fridges, 15 of them would be repaired. Out of the 15, 85% would be the Chinese or average quality brands which bring the number to 13 and only 2 out of 15 mini-fridges would be from known brands. All of it makes the mini-refrigerators from reputable brands even more trustable.

It’s sad to know that not many of them know about the facts, else they wouldn’t have bought the cheaper mini-fridge from a random brand. However, now that you know, you surely must be looking for the best mini-fridge brands in the US region. Don’t worry, I’ve done thorough research because I don’t want you to be stuck with a brand that sucks.

  1. Danby
    The brand has a huge number of mini-refrigerators in the market and when it comes to the US mini fridge market, it holds the highest market share. The company not only makes mini-fridges but also comes up with really cool appliances that go well with the home furniture, suits the office needs and are among the best ones for the dorms.

  2. Frigidaire
    Frigidaire doesn’t have models like Danby, but the brand has earned a huge brand name due to its exceptional product quality. It’s one of the most prominent players when it comes to mini fridge market. I also have never seen much of their devices coming for repair and when I ask someone who owns it, they say that their appliance never stopped working. With a product of such quality, it surely deserves this rank.

  3. Black and Decker
    Black and Decker is another great mini-refrigerator brand. It makes really premium looking products. Doesn’t matter, if you need a very small mini-fridge for your dorm or a medium-sized mini-fridge for your bedroom or a large mini-fridge for your home or office. Besides mini-fridges, it also makes other kitchen appliances which rock the market. (It also makes the cheap yet good quality mini fridges without freezer)

  4. Haier
    Haier is a world-class brand and is popular in the world. Their mini-fridges are best suited for bed-room and office purposes. However, they don’t make much small-sized mini-fridges (if you are planning to buy one, consider Black+Decker or Frigidaire.) It also makes really great french door and side-by-side refrigerators.

  5. Midea Group
    Midea Group is a Chinese fridge manufacturer, their appliances really have rocked the mini-fridge market. Despite being a China-based company, they’ve actually earned trust among people in the United States due to superior quality product and great customer support. I’ve repaired a few compact refrigerators from this company and I must say that their internal parts are too good for a Chinese company and is at par with companies like Danby and Haier.

The list finally comes to an end, I’d come up with the best models from these companies in my upcoming posts. If I missed any brand or if a brand deserves to be in this list, please comment down or contact me with a reason why it deserves and if it sounds legit. I might order a product from them, test it and get back to this list and make required changes.


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