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Best Mini Fridges for Trucks: A Helpful Guide for Regular Truckers




Are you a trucker who wants the best mini fridge for your truck or semi-truck? You are at the right place. I’ve interviewed around 23 truckers and 37 semi-truck drivers and learned about things that are very important when it comes to truck fridges. That’s why this list is going to be one of the best available lists when it comes to small refrigerators for trucks.

First of all, “Thank you!” If it weren’t for you, people like me wouldn’t have received our parcels on time, moving to a different city with our goods would be severely tough and expensive. I also have a friend who drives a truck and that’s the reason why I know exactly know what are the needs of a truck driver when it comes to a mini-fridge.

My friend and the truckers I interviewed told me that grabbing a chilled bottle of water during their journey has not just consumed their time, but has also costed them in terms of fines. They said that sometimes even 5-minutes matters because a few short routes don’t allow trucks to pass during certain hours. Imagine yourself being at a distance which takes 5 minutes to reach, but you stop for a chilled water break and the restriction hour begins? That’s why they said, a truck mini fridge has always been one of the best things that have happened to truck and semi-truck drivers.

Unlike other websites which claim to help you with your buying decision by showing random refrigerators, I’ve actually gone out and spent huge time researching, interviewing professional truckers who have experience for more than 10 years and finally came up with this list.

10 Best Mini Fridge for Trucks and Semi Trucks

Before we begin with the list, I’ll also like to mention that a lot of mini-fridge brands reached out to me and even offered sponsorship for including the truck fridges manufactured by them, but I’ve denied their offers because that’s the least possible way through which I can thank you enough.

Also, I’ve divided the list into 2 sections, The first few models come with better capacity and are highly suitable for truck drivers who make long-trips. However, if you don’t go that long and want the one which comes with limited capacity, then you can browse for the last 4 models.

So shall we finally begin with the list of the best mini fridge for trucks?

1. Best for Truckers: ARB 10810602 Portable Mini Fridge/Freezer

[amazon box=”B073X696GN” template=”horizontal”]

2. Best Runner Up: Alpicool CX50 Portable Mini Refrigerator

[amazon box=”B07B8D42VJ” template=”horizontal”]

3. Best 48 Quarts DC (12v) AC (110-240v): ICECO VL 45 Truck Mini Fridge

[amazon box=”B07TLL68BG” template=”horizontal”]

4. Best For Capacity: ARB 10800472 Portable Truck Mini Fridge

[amazon box=”B002Q1INDM” template=”horizontal”]

5. Best Dometic Mini Fridge Freezer for Truck: CFX28 12V

[amazon box=”B01MRDNXPL” template=”horizontal”]

6. Best Whynter Truck Fridge: Whynter FM-45G 45 Quart Mini

[amazon box=”B002W8BLUG” template=”horizontal”]

7. Best for Semi Trucks: Cooluli Thermoelectric 4L

[amazon box=”B0771S9XT8″ template=”horizontal”]

8. Best for Small Trucks: Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler

[amazon box=”B007ZYH4BM” template=”horizontal”]

The Verdict

I hope, I’ve helped you find the perfect mini refrigerator for your truck, van or semi-truck. For long-distance travels, you shall go with the first 6 models. However, if you are someone who doesn’t go on long trips and would be okay with small capacity mini-fridges, then you can go with models which are numbered 7 and 8. They come with a limited capacity and saves you from a hefty price tag of the other large capacity mini fridges which are listed.

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