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Mini Fridge For Dorm: Things To Consider When Buying




Dorm rooms are small in size and that’s why you can’t take the conventional refrigerator to your dormitory. Back in time, when I used to study, there were no tiny refrigerators that’s why I and my friends had to walk towards the water purifier which was 100 meters away from our room. Good thing is that there are many good-quality mini-fridges that are small in size, don’t occupy much space and yet brings the power of the refrigerator.

But it’s not all good just like it sounded in the above paragraph, it’s because there are certain dorm rules which apply to mini-refrigerators. If not followed, you won’t be allowed to take it in your room. I’ve seen a lot of people returning back their appliances, re-selling it at a much cheaper price, and using it at their homes (when there’s no option left.) That’s why I decided to come up with a write-up which will be helpful to the students who are moving into a dorm!

So much of stuff? Let’s just jump to the points?

1. Check the Dorm Room Guidelines on their Website

Every University or Institution or a Dorm room has a specific set of guidelines to be followed before you go there. In the guidelines, you may find the required dimensions, energy consumption, and other details. But how to find the guidelines page? Just make a Google search: “University name + dorm guidelines” or “University name + dorm.”

2. Make Sure it meets the requirements

I’ve heard from many students that they are very strict when it comes to energy consumption and dimensions and if not followed properly, it could cause issues. For instance, if the dimensions are more than the mentioned requirements, it won’t fit the space dedicated for a mini-fridge. The requirements and the guidelines are there for a reason, so make sure that you stick to them. There are different types of mini-refrigerators in the market, make sure that you buy the one which complies with the dorm rules.

3. Consider the Stores which have a Return Policy

If at all there’s something which doesn’t match with their guidelines, then this option can save you from all the trouble. Although, you don’t have to worry about it if the model you buy meets all the required guidelines. I’ve not bought the mini-fridges for dorms, but I’ve used Amazon and have returned 1 mini fridge which didn’t fit in my bedroom space. That’s why I recommend using, BestBuy or Amazon or a local store which has a good return policy.

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4. Brand

You’ll be using the mini-refrigerator till your course comes to an end which can be between 1 year to 4 years and in some cases 5 years too (if you plan for masters). Buying a cheap mini-fridge which isn’t from a “reputed brand” could cause working issues. I’ve repaired so many models and trust me 85% of the mini-fridges I’ve repaired from unknown brands. That’s why would suggest you go for a brand which is reputed and has great customer support near your University or Dorm. Buying a mini-refrigerator from a good brand would reduce the chances of damages.

5. Check the Lists recommended by Experts

Do a Google search and you’ll see 100s of results which include the best mini-refrigerators for dorms. I’m not saying to trust all of them, but they can really be helpful. Once you get to know the models, you can check the models, their user reviews, read expert reviews, etc. Once you are done, make a list of 4 best models which match all your requirements and the dorm requirements too. Now, do a comparison, and a little brand research and you should be able to find the best model for your needs!

Also, make sure that the fridge you are buying will be able to store the food items for your needs. But if you don’t know about the popular items, check my guide on the popular food items for mini-fridge in the dorm.

6. Buy the One Which Comes with Automatic Defrost

There are times during the college when you’ll be leaving the mini-refrigerator idle and leave for competition in a different city or go to your home during the summer vacations. Also, making time to defrost your mini-fridge could be time-consuming and would require efforts from your side. None of the mini-fridge for dorm guides have mentioned this thing, but it could really save your time. As you don’t have to defrost it every two months or clean the frost regularly.

The Verdict

I’ve worked hard to compile these steps and have also worked with a few universities in parallel to make sure that things are accurate. I’m a human and I’m subject to making mistakes or missing out things, if I have missed out an important point, feel free to contact me via comments or by contact page and let me know about adding it (I’ll update the post with the point if it makes sense.)


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