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Reasons for Buying a Mini Fridge [Why Should You Buy one?]




The large refrigerators consume huge space in our kitchens and they are not portable, so whenever you feel thirsty late in the night, you’ll have to walk to your kitchen to get a chilled glass of water. However, what if you had a fridge inside your room which would help you not just get water, but also help you with food cravings during midnight.

That’s one advantage of having a mini-fridge, but that’s not the only one, this small appliance comes with huge benefits and not only saves you money but also saves you space and solves your midnight problems. So shall we begin with the reasons?

Reason 1: Saves You Money

The large refrigerators, especially the french door, top-freezer or the side-by-side refrigerators cost huge. Getting a good one of them can actually cost more than $2000. Besides, they don’t provide much value when placed inside the room or dorm. Just ask yourself, would you store meat, raw food items in your room? No right.

Inside your room, you generally need a fridge which can hold, a little amount of food, wine bottles or beer/soda cans, water or breast milk for your little one which is something a mini refrigerator can easily take care of. So why spend $2000, when you can actually get the issue resolved under $200?

Reason 2: Saves Space

Mini refrigerators are small in size, they can be kept anywhere and yet won’t consume huge space. They are most suitable for small office spaces, dorm rooms, bedrooms. People with limited space often consider replacing a full-fledged refrigerator with a mini-fridge. However, the replacement thing isn’t possible for people who live at home (because a mini-fridge might save space, but it doesn’t come with storage, power of a large fridge.)

Reason 3: Saves Electricity

A large refrigerator consumes 8-10 times more electricity than a mini-fridge. Higher the consumption, higher is the amount of the electricity bill. The energy consumption in a large refrigerator is totally worth when it’s used in a kitchen (as it would store a lot of food items, beer, and other items.) However, if you are a single person living in a dorm or even at home, a large refrigerator won’t make sense unless you are someone who can’t live without cooking “new recipes” on a daily basis.

Reason 4: Easy Portability

A small refrigerator can also be taken anywhere without having to put in much efforts. If you have a tiny thermoelectric cooler (type of a mini fridge) then you can even carry it in your car or TV from your home or office. Isn’t it really cool to have a fridge around you whenever you need? However, not all small mini fridges are highly portable, a few large compact refrigerators are heavy too and might require professional help for movement. But they are still smaller and easily portable when compared to conventional refrigerators.

Reason 5: Can Be Placed Anywhere

When I first bought a mini fridge, I placed it on my Desk. I also bought an undercounter mini fridge to keep it under the counter in my garage. The amount of space at your place won’t matter, because a small refrigerator can be kept anywhere! You can also carry it in your car or trucks.


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